NHL is Lucky to Have the Bruins

The Boston Bruins are the current class of the NHL. After making an impeccable run to the Stanley Cup in the 2011 season, the Boston Bruins are one of the best franchises in sports. Their roster is one of the best and their coaching staff is hands down one of the most impressive in the NHL. The thing with the Bruins is that they are the a good team in terms of modeling how a franchise and it’s players should carry themselves. They have a reputation of being a clean team and playing a hard-nosed aggressive style of play but always respecting their opponents.

The star players on the Bruins have a lot to handle in the upcoming season. Between proving themselves again in the Eastern Conference and welcoming new and young players into the system, their expectations are high. The Eastern Conference has some a few of the best teams in the NHL that are consistently battling for the top prize in the NHL. The Bruins were not suppose to win the cup last year, they shocked the NHL and it’s fan base. That is the beautiful thing about sports and the NHL in particular. Teams with long withstanding traditions and those who are constantly making cup runs can easily be beaten at anytime in the playoffs. The NHL TV ratings go up every year during the playoffs. Those who are not typical fans will tune in for the Stanley Cup Playoffs and usually choosing the under dog, which happened to be the Bruins this year. When the clock struck zero against the heavily favored Canucks, the Bruins were the most loved team in sports.

The 2011-2012 season is almost here and the Bruins and their fans are expecting big things from the team. Anything short of a Stanley Cup will be considered failure by many people affiliated with the team.

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