Our Picks: Bruins Games to Attend This Year

Sure the games on your Direct Tv may be reruns right now but hockey season is coming up soon and you’re going to love what the Bruins have been up to. If you have your sights on taking in a game this year, here are our top three picks:
Bruins vs. Canadiens – If you’ve never been to the Bell Center in Montreal you’ve got to check it out – it’s right in the heart of the city and boy do those Canadians know how to get rowdy! The game itself should be close and it’s one of the first of the year.
Bruins vs. Red Wings – Just after Thanksgiving this matchup is set to take place in Boston so if you’re home visiting family this is a great game to check out. The Red Wings are poised to be great this year so it’s going to be a sell out.
Bruins vs. Hurricanes – Make your way down to Carolina for this early-January match to see what hockey’s like in the south. It’ll probably surprise you!

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