A Guide to the Best Team in Hockey

The National Hockey League is an up and down league for most of the regular season. Many teams will have hot and cold streaks but usually with about a month left to go, teams will settle in and the picture becomes more clear. However, finding the best team in the league is tough because teams in the NHL seem to be consistent. After the playoffs though, it is clear what team has all the pieces to be considered as the best team in the league

The Boston Bruins are the deepest and most complete team in the league. They have the best goalie on the ice and have a perfect balance between size, skill, youth and veteran leadership. Its no wonder they dominated the Stanley Cup playoffs and when they played in a game 7 of the finals, it showed their determination and their outright athletic ability. To play in 3 games sevens and survive all of them really shows something about their coaching and leadership on the ice. The Bruins have the ability to overcome many obstacles and they really showed it in the playoffs. Look out for Tim Thomas, Zdeno Chara and Milan Lucic to come out in 2011-2012 and show how good they really are.

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